About us

Political Watch is an independent organisation that, through the development of civic technologies, advocacy and research, fights for a more fair, democratic and sustainable society.

We believe in:

  • The potential of an active, conscious and demanding citizenship.
  • The need to subject power to citizen surveillance.
  • The value of a capable and independent media.

We contribute by:

  • Providing open access to information through the development of civic technologies.
  • Promoting citizen surveillance and participation and public accountability.
  • Generating content and spaces to stimulate an informed public debate.

Political Watch is part of the Salvador Soler Foundation, a nonprofit entity, declared of public utility and inscribed in the Foundations Registry of the Ministerio de Cultura since 2010 (registry number 962).

"Not committing decisively to working for an equitable and sustainable development is no longer an option. We need an active, conscious and demanding citizenship and a political class which is subject to citizen surveillance."

Javier Pérez


We don't want to demand what we don't do. For that reason we commit to be totally transparent and to make our accounts public. So you can see our financing sources, who do we work with and how do we invest or budget.

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