March 8th: our daily feminism

March 8th is here and every year we have the same debate on Political Watch. That it might be better to keep quiet than to talk nonsense. That what are we going to contribute to a day that is always full of necessary content and also of #PinkWashing opportunists. And we always chose silence, which is also a way of speaking.

But this March 8th we have looked inwards and decided that we can also show ourselves outwards. And it seemed to us that daily practice is what builds the feminism we need. As the social organisation that we are and because of our mission of democratic regeneration, we believe that equal opportunities cannot be an ornament or a ribbon on the web. We practice "everyday" feminism and, on days like today, we also practice feminism on important occasions.

In this company there is a male boss, we are not going to fool ourselves, but we train horizontal decision-making, and that is very feminist. We believe in the ethic of care and mutual support (if only Kropotkin had been a woman...).

We put the collective interest before the individual interest and we avoid rigidities that always punish the caregiver and the one who carries the mental burden (If you don't know @emma_clit, you're already late).

Tira de Emma Clit

People and entities - individual or legal - are social beings; we cannot live in isolation. There is only one life: a break-up or a child's illness will affect you at work just as a toxic boss or a stressful job will leave you sleepless. At Political Watch we have decided to be caring at work in order to take care of life.

We are committed to collaboration over competition and we recognise that emotions do not weaken us, but make us human and better. Everything in life that is worthwhile is emotional.

And even if women are paid (or are employees who make a decent salary at the end of the month), it seems to us that success is, above all, living well and treating ourselves even better.

Happy and vindicative 8th March.

Cover image: Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash.