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At Political Watch we work to promote a fairer and more sustainable society, and we do it from two main lines of work: Democracy and Coherence


Citizen surveillance for a better society

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Policies that live up to the challenges of our era

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Research for social change

Knowledge and critical thinking are key to boost innovation and structural changes. From Political Watch we believe that the fight against poverty and the building of a fairer and more sustainable world require new ideas to dispute the preset frames. For that reason, we carry transdisciplinary researchs that, from rigor, put the focus on the sustainable development.

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Civic Techs

The technology can be a kew tool in the evolution to a more collaborative and open society. A system where institutions and citizens count with better communication and cooperation channels. For that, we develop digital tools based on collaboration and Free Software, promoting the values of an open government.

Capacity building

We believe is the moment to reconsider the way our countries design and implement public politics. To move forward a fairer and more sustainable world we need to generate structural changes in the way to govern. Por that, we colaborate with public administrations developing with them new methodologies and tools for the design and implementation of public coherent politics.

Strategic plan

To guide our work and direct it to the achievement of our main goals, we develop since 2019 strategic bianual plans, building them in a participatory way between all the members of the team. You can access our Strategic Plan 2019-2021.

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